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Pipe Repairs & Replacement

Through a combination of factors from lack of maintenance to tree root intrusion, drainage pipes can become damaged. Sometimes this is repairable, but sometimes it is not. Here at Burch Drainage, we're here to help you find the most efficient & cost-effective solution to restore your drainage system to working order.

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Changes in the environment surrounding the pipes are typically the key contributors to damage

The drainage pipes we rely on daily may have been there for over a hundred years. In that time, as well as the natural effects of ageing, many things in the environment have changed, from new buildings to trees substantially growing.

Similarly, it's possible to structurally damage pipes from the inside, particularly in the Winter when the contents of pipes are more susceptible to freezing.

These factors can cause pipes to crack or be displaced. At this point, a drain repair is essential.

Who is responsible for the drain repairs?

Private drains (within the boundary of your property):

The maintenance & repair of this drain is typically the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes any pipes that carry waste away from the property until they connect with the public sewer.

Lateral or shared drains & sewers:

The responsibility here typically sits with the local water authority, so any repairs here won't cost you.

Burch Drainage are experts at fixing defects within private drains

A CCTV survey will determine the structural condition of your pipes & the best solution

A CCTV survey to assess the structural integrity of the drain is the first step we undertake.

Where possible, we will opt for an in-situ repair, without the need for digging up. For example, in instances where pipework is cracked but not collapsed, we can install a patch liner to restore it to a watertight condition. This method is less-disruptive & cost-effective.

However, in instances where a drain has collapsed or extensive damage has been caused (i.e. from tree roots), an excavation may be required.

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