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At Burch Drainage, we specialise in carrying out comprehensive CCTV drainage surveys that provide a thorough assessment of your drainage system. From identifying the causes of bad smells, to assessing the structural condition of a property you wish to buy, our surveys will ensure you arrive at the best solution for your drains.

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Where a CCTV survey is recommended?

Our portable cameras pinpoint the exact cause and location of your drainage problems, symptoms of which may include:

- Frequent blockages

- Slow drains

- Unpleasant smells/ odours 

- Flies & insects

- Subsidence & structural damage

CCTV surveys are also an excellent preventative measure. Here at Burch Drainage, we can inspect your drainage system to identify potential issues at the cause.

We specialise in CCTV drainage surveys for any types of property, including but not limited to: commercial, healthcare & residential.

At Burch Drainage, for all CCTV surveys undertaken, you will receive:

✔ A written report analysing the condition of your drainage system.

✔ Online access to the video recording.

✔ A plan of the drainage system.

✔ Follow up estimation if defects identified

CCTV Drain Surveys for any type of property


What might our CCTV drainage survey identify?

Our CCTV drainage surveys may reveal your system is in great working order. However if not, typical defects that we encounter include:

- Blockages

- Cracks & fractures

- Leaking joints

- Scale build up

- Pipe misalignment

- Corrosion

- Tree root intrusion

- Collapsed pipes

Burch Drainage can partner with you to undertake the remedial works required to rectify any drainage problems.

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