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Excavation Works

At Burch Drainage, we provide expert excavation services to resolve a wide range of complex underground issues across domestic, commercial & anything in between. We have a  commitment to precision, safety & minimal disruption with our excavation works.

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Where an in-situ repair isn't feasible, we will recommend an excavation

A CCTV survey will first be carried out to assess the condition of pipework and, if necessary, excavation works will be recommended.

At Burch Drainage, we specialise in drain excavation repairs. We utilise the CCTV survey to locate the faulty pipe & excavate in accordance to strict regulation, to ensure health & safety of our operatives & the public is our top priority.

A damaged pipe needs to be treated, to maintain the structural integrity of the surrounding area & ensure water is able to safely & suitably escape the property.

A site assessment & survey will take place first, with any necessary permits/ approvals obtained.

Our engineers will prepare the site, ensuring a clear boundary to keep the public safe.

The excavation can then begin, with the damaged pipe being replaced & restored to full working condition.

The excavation is carefully backfilled with the site restored to it's original site (or as close to).

Final inspections will be carried out & appropriate documentation will be shared (including a follow up CCTV survey).

We specialise in excavations for both commercial & domestic

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