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Drain Descaling

Scale in pipes is a common problem that can result in restricted flow within your drainage system. Here at Burch Drainage, we have specialist equipment designed to effectively remove scale from pipework & restore to optimal working condition.

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Descaling prevents costly blockages due to the build up of scale in pipes

Water hardness levels in the South East of England and London are predominantly high. Water becomes hard when it comes into contact with the ground and dissolves particles such as magnesium & calcium.

Pipe scaling is the build up of these minerals on the inner lining of the pipes.

This increases the likelihood of blockages, corrosion and a range of other problems in your drainage system.

However, drain descaling works can remove this scale & prevent costly future repairs.

Here at Burch Drainage, our engineers are equipped with the latest technology to quickly & effectively undertake full descaling operations, from high pressure water jetting to specialist chain head drain descaling machines (milling).

We can then undertake a CCTV survey afterwards to provide evidence that the pipes are in clean working order.

Trust Burch Drainage to look after your drainage system & maintain the effectiveness of your pipes.

Specialist equipment to effectively descale pipework

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