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Confined Spaces

Working safely in confined spaces in London

At Burch Drainage, we recognise that a variety of hazards may exist in confined spaces. It is critical to recognise such hazards and control these dangers since conditions can change rapidly. Procedures for working, entering and exiting such confined spaces are crucial and must be specific to the space itself.

A standard procedure must be developed and customised for the hazards found in each particular space. Any confined space entry procedure should apply to all workers, whether they are employees or working through an outside contractor. Due to the dangers present in sewers, drains and excavations, specialist training and equipment are law.

Our confined spaces crew are trained and certified to:

  • Carry out work in potentially hazardous environments

  • Work with the latest, specialist equipment

  • Undertake work following strict health and safety regulations

  • At Burch Drainage, we recognise that before entering a confined space, a permit work, risk assessment and method statement for the works to be carried out should be present before works proceed.

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