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Drain Lining

Drain lining services

At Burch Drainage, we offer professional drain lining services designed to fit a new pipe within an existing defective pipe. Cracks may arise in buried pipes due to various external forces, such as ground movement or root growth etc. Resulting leakages may erode the soil surrounding the pipe, which in turn reduces it's structural support. Further deterioration of the pipe may then give rise to fractures, which then allow for further washout of the sub soil.

Burch Drainage are at the forefront when latest trenchless techniques are required to restore pipework to a structural sound and watertight condition. The most common type of this techonology is Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP).

Cured In Place Pipe can be used to deal with

  • Fractures

  • Water ingress & egress

  • Root intrusion

  • Voids

  • Holes

  • Further structural defects

How does our drain lining system work?

A resin impregnated sock is inserted into the host pipe, inflated to provide a fully renovated pipe within the defective pipe.

The pipes flow capacity is maintained as the new pipe provides hydrostatic characteristics.

The type of felt, thickness and choice of resin mixture for the sock is calculated by the type of fault, bends and type of use.

Once cured this provides a full and permanent structural repair, meeting water industry and WRC's standards.

Once this process is complete, all customers are provided with a full CCTV survey to confirm the repair has been carried out to high standards.

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