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Planned Maintenance

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Planned, preventative drain maintenance services

At Burch Drainage, we provide planned maintenance services designed to save time and reduce repair costs. Developed for commercial and industrial clients, we're confident our programmes will prevent inconvenient blockages, unpleasant odours and health hazards.

The idea is to remove the build up of scale and debris before the diameter is reduced to the point where drain blockages occur and disruption ensues. We recognise that pipework is used at different frequencies and for different substances, and account for these factors when designing our maintenance

Our preventative drain maintenance programmes are designed to:

  • Avoid damaging, blocked drains & pipework

  • Prevent potential health risks from flooding

  • Remove build up of scale and debris

  • Avoid unbudgeted expenditure due to blocked drains

  • Burch Drainage provide individually tailored solutions to meet your requirements, creating a programme designed to keep disruption to a minimum and keep your company trading without interuption.

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