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CCTV Drainage Surveys

At Burch Drainage we provide comprehensive CCTV drain surveys

to locate and erradicate your blocked drains quickly. Our fast and accurate method of identifying problems contributes majorly to our reputation for providing efficient, cost effective solutions.

When structural problems are suspected in pipework, they need to be accurately detected and diagnosed. We understand that the more accurate the detection, the more accurate the solution. By propelling our drainage camera through the pipe by either a semi rigid rod or powerful tractor, we can get accurate CCTV surveys and reports. With distances of up to 300 meters achieved, we're confident we can detect any problem.

After the drain surveys are completed, a comprehensive, easy to understand report is produced depicting colour images of any major faults. Our clients receive bound typed report summaries, supported by DVD, with extra copies available on request.

Upon completion of our drainage surveys we provide:

Comprehensive written reports of survey provided

Information on direction, depth, size, material and location

Major faults photographically printed on reports

Costings for all remedial works are included

Schematic drainage layout plans

At Burch Drainage, we also offer planned drainage maintenance which can help save time and reduce repair costs.

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