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Drain Lining

At Burch Drainage, we offer advanced drain lining services to provide a cost-effective and minimally invasive solution for repairing damaged or deteriorating pipes. Our drain lining technology allows us to reinforce and restore your existing drainage system without the need for extensive excavation.

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Drain lining restores pipework to top working order

Drain lining is an effective solution for eradicating a range of issues that can affect drainage systems, including:

- Cracks in pipework

- Leaking pipes (water coming both in & out)

- Structural weakness (due to age or damage)

- Wear & tear

By addressing these issues, drain lining restores the structural integrity of pipes & provides a smooth & watertight surface. Not only does this significantly extend the lifespan of the pipe, it prevents more serious & costly issues that may have required excavation.

We will initially undertake a CCTV survey of the pipe, to establish the condition of the pipe and the precise location that drain lining is required.

Before application of the liner, the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned, to ensure that when the chemical resin cures, the pipe is completely watertight.

After the liner is installed, you will receive a second CCTV survey to demonstrate the updated & restored condition of the pipe.

CCTV survey of restored pipe for peace of mind

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Lining post.jpg

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