24 hour emergency services
with no call out charge.

Telephone 0800 1955 888 or 0208 556 12222
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0800 1955 888
0208 556 12222

Email info@burchdrainage.com


24 hour emergency services
with no call out charge.

Drains and Sewers

Blocked drains, sewers and pipework

At Burch Drainage we can provide prompt, efficient solutions for blocked drains and sewers at unbeatable value. All drainage systems require cleaning, as scale, grease and fat inevitably accumulates, resulting in blockages causing disruption. Powerful jets of water developing pressures of up to 8,000psi and using special rotary jet heads strip the deposits from the wall of the pipe, restoring it to a clean and free flowing condition. Also all internal pipework serving toilets, baths, urinals & stack pipes etc restored to a free flowing condition.


Our professional drainage engineers offer the following services:

Cleaning and maintenance

High pressure water jetting

Hard scale removal

Blockage removal

Professionally trained staff

Certified by HSE & CSCS

Choose our drain unblocking services for removal of:

Hard scale in cast iron pipe work

Hard crustations, including cement

Soft silt, fat and grease

Blocked Drains London

All of our drain jetting engineers have been trained and certified by the Water Jetting Association which is approved by the HSE, Confined Spaces Entry and are CSCS accredited to ensure all work is carried out professionally and safely.

Telephone 0800 1955 888
Email info@burchdrainage.com